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Ditch The Winter Layers – Make Sure Your Threads Are Fresh For Spring

Here’s the deal. Winter fashion will always be the most fun. Why? Because you can layer up and show off all of your favorite clothes in just one outfit. But we still have to keep it fresh in the spring. Even though spring outfits are a lot simpler than winter ones, there’s still plenty of ways to show off your style.

In the winter, you might rock a tee, hoodie, and coat all in one outfit. But in the spring, all you can wear is the tree (unless you want to sweat through the rest of your clothes). That’s why you’ve got to make sure your basics are on point. Even if it’s just a plain tee, it better be crisp. For basics, EPTM’s got you covered: long tees, side-zips, and a bunch of other styles that will make you stand out among your friends. They add these small, perfect details to really make their clothing pop.

Ditch The Winter Layers

Luckily, you’re still safe on the bottom half. You can still wear your favorite pants before it gets too hot. But if you need to re-up on your denim collection, check out Rise. They’ve got quality cut and sew denim that’s actually affordable, usually just around $50. They also add some zippers and fades to really set them off from less adventurous brands.

And though you can’t layer up anymore, you can still add accessories to finish your look. While it might be too hot for beanies, you can still come out with a fitted. And, news flash, bucket hats are still in. Mitchell & Ness is putting out some awesome ones this spring. But the classic fitted or snapback, like the ones at the online retailer Damage, always work too. They’re an urban apparel staple.

Don’t forget the importance of a belt – a lot of people do. If your belt is faded, cracked, or the holes are stretched out, it’s ruining your look. Even if you don’t want something loud, you need a clean, basic belt in good condition to complete your look. LAN belts, also available at Damage, deliver on these. All of their belts are plain, clean, and solid. Paired up with the right joggers or denim, they can really seal the deal.

Last, but not least, think about mixing it up with socks that have a little more personality than the plain black or white ones you’re used to. Those get old fast. Patterned socks have been coming up in the urban apparel world, and there are tons of options to choose from – check out for a wide range of options. You can grab a pair that coordinates with your shoes, or just a loud pair that sticks out. Either way, they’re an accessory that shouldn’t be overlooked.

So remember, this spring, keep long tees, joggers, snapbacks, and the importance of accessories on your mind. They can be different between a basic outfit, and one that snags compliments.