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Fashion for Business is All in the Details

Billionaire Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is famous for wearing the same gray t-shirt every day.  When asked why he simply replied that he didn’t want to waste part of his day making decisions about what to wear.  When you are getting ready for work in the morning, for a business meeting or job interview, you might be tempted to dress so casually, but you should not. Why? Because you are not Mark Zuckerberg. He can get away with such an astonishing lack of style because he is a billionaire giant of the tech industry.  If you don’t also hold such a title, you should probably dress a bit better, so you will be taken seriously.  No matter what people may say about how they think, they do judge others on their appearance and their manner of dress. If you want to be successful, you must “dress for success.”  You may think that may mean wearing expensive name brands and designer fashions. That is not necessarily so. Here are what visual aspects of your appearance and clothing that people will really judge you on and some tips for looking your best.

Are you well groomed? Do you have a decent haircut and color? Are your nails trimmed and clean? For women, if you have nail polish is it well applied and unchipped? For men, are you properly shaved? If you have a beard, is it neatly trimmed?  Your grooming is the first sign to people of how seriously you take business and responsibilities. If your appearance is “unkempt,” then your work quality may be just as shoddy. No matter what you wear, these things will be noticed first.

Fashion for Business

Shoes are important. It is a stereotype that it is women who are most obsessed with shoes. However, studies show that men actually judge both males and females by the style and quality of their shoes, more than women do. Be sure that you have well-cared-for shoes that are appropriate to your outfit.

Be careful with color and patterns. Styles may change from year to year, but there are certain rules of thumb that may save you from a shockingly bad outfit. For example, don’t wear a brown belt or shoes with black pants. Don’t wear mismatched plaids together in one outfit and don’t ever wear two different flower patterns in the same outfit.  If your outfit has red on more than one clothing item, the reds must perfectly match. And unless you are dressed up for the “Red Hat Society,” red and purple don’t go together.

Wear a real watch, of good quality.  Over the last decade, society has become so attached to their smartphones, that wearing a watch has become less common. However, good watches are still a status symbol and wearing one now days has become a symbol of maturity and sensibility. A good place for buying a variety of name brand watches is Ashford.

Dress age appropriately. If you are not a teenager, don’t try to dress like one.

Make sure that your clothing matches your body type and fits well. No matter what your body type, someone out there makes nice looking clothing for your size.  If you fall in love with an outfit or a suit that does not quite fit, buy it in a slightly larger size and take it to a tailor to be properly altered to fit you.

Don’t over-accessorize. Jewelry is a good way to perfect any outfit, but too much jewelry can easily backfire and spoil an outfit.  Don’t wear more than one ring besides your wedding ring. (If you are married.) And don’t wear large dangling earrings or very large necklaces with business attire.  Accessories should only enhance an outfit, not be the focal point of the outfit.

Following these simple, common sense tips about dressing need not infringe upon your own personal sense of style. Likewise, these tips need not bust your budget. Whatever clothing and accessories fill your wardrobe, be sure they make you feel confident about your appearance. And don’t forget the number one thing that you can wear, which will help you succeed in the business world, a smile.